Festoon Lights (installed)
$40 per 10m +GST
Catering Table
$40 each +GST
Bamboo Chair
$10 each +GST
Low Picnic Table
$40 +GST
Biodegradable Festival Plates $60  (80 pc) +GST
Hay Bale
$12 each +GST
Vintage Trestle Table
$46 each +GST
A range of lush looking plants and unique props
for hire.
 Bamboo Lounge Set
$240 (6 pc) +GST
$600 +GST
$25 +GST
Customised Posters
& Menus $P.O.A.
Bamboo Festoon Pole (installed)
$30 each +GST
Bamboo Lamps
$18 each +GST 
White Festival Stool
$3 each +GST
Platinum Jute Aisle Runner 4m
$55 +GST 
Vintage Aisle Runner 4m $55 +GST 
Timber Folding chair $5 +GST 
Ceremony Package seats 32
$620 +GST
Bamboo Arbour
$80 +GST
Tiki Arbour
$110 +GST

Our Style Ethos: Our furnishings are grounded in a neutral palette. We have incorporated a lot of clean tones tempered with some softer neutrals. Colour can then be introduced with artisan items, flowers and accessories. At White Elk you will find eco friendly options including biodegradable catering and recycled or upcycled furniture. We are lovers and supporters of handmade and unique products, at an affordable price.  With many other items available we are able to help you create your dream space at a reasonable price.

Tiki Bar Small 
$70 +GST
White Dry Bar & 3 Stools $85 set +GST
Delivery starting from $100

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397 Western Ave, Montville, Sunshine Coast Q 4560

TEL: 5442 9490

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Event Coordination $75 p/hour. Minimum order $250. Delivery starting from $100.